innerchildAbout Me: I’m your Wounded Inner Child, the part of you that wants to be loved and needed. On my good days, I’m extremely giving and nurturing and love to take care of people, but when I’m afraid, I cling too tightly to my security blanket and refuse to try something new or take risks.

I stomp my feet and throw tantrums to get attention, but then push others away and expect them to deal with my mood swings.

I can be extremely moody and unforgiving, sometimes holding a grudge for an unreasonable amount of time or making people do extravagant things to win me back – such as buying me something that I want. Some people call me manipulative, but I put up these defenses as tests to find out if people really care about me and see who sticks around when I’m being a brat.

The First Thing People Usually Notice About Me: That I’m a victim of life’s circumstances

The One Thing I Could Never Go Without: My security blanket or someone holding my hand

Favorite Things: expensive gifts Pet Peeves: criticism
I’m Really Good At:

  • Being attentive
  • Appreciating others
  • Giving
  • Showing warmth and affection
  • Nurturing others

  • Controlling
  • Jealous, possessive
  • Easily become dependent on others to meet my needs
  • Low self-esteem
  • Manipulative

  • I am a valuable person.  I love and am loved.
  • I am good at many things and am blessed to have so many opportunities in front of me.
  • I believe in myself and my greatness and love, expressing it fully.

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