About Me: I’m your Sex God or Goddess and I am overflowing with sexuality, igniting desire everywhere I go. I convince you to hopscotch from one fling to the next without allowing you to really connect with anyone, since clearly you’re a catch and being with one person would only hold you back – and that would be boring . . . right?

I don’t want you to have the strength, security and confidence of a strong, longstanding, healthy relationship. I convince you that your exciting lifestyle is evidence of a healthy libido and that if people’s feelings get hurt, that’s their issue, not ours.

Sometimes, you suspect that your “liberated” lifestyle may just be a cage, but I quickly help you lose yourself once again in the eyes of that cutie at the bar.

The First Thing People Usually Notice About Me: My magnetic charisma

The One Thing I Could Never Go Without: Adoration

Favorite Things:  Sensual indulgences Pet Peeves:  Stingy and boring people

  • Fun-Loving
  • Expressive
  • Creative
  • Spontaneous
  • Charming

  • Low Self-Esteem
  • Self-Absorbed
  • Unfocused
  • Self-Destructive
  • Rebellious

  • I have a good idea of what a supportive, growing, loving relationship looks like.
  • I have a positive body image and take care of my body, my temple, by paying attention to exercise, healthy eating habits, and getting rest and relaxation.
  • I enjoy sex and sexual experiences without feeling embarrassed, ashamed or used.

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