About Me: I’m your Inner Overthinker and I make you choke so that you’re constantly thinking about the process of doing something instead of just doing it. I make you doubt your Authentic Soul, which some people refer to as intuition or gut instinct, because you’re clearly not smart or experienced enough to know anything. Besides, people wouldn’t like you if they knew who you really were.

Sometimes I can sound like opposing voices, kind of like the hypothetical angel and devil sitting on your shoulder, keeping you in limbo. I can paralyze you, keeping you from getting to dinner on time because you can’t choose a shirt, and even keeping you from following through on your life goals because you couldn’t possibly know how to accomplish them.

I’m constantly filling your head with “what if’s”, “but’s” and “shoulds” to make sure that you’re totally aware of what you’re getting yourself into. If you let me, I will keep slamming the brakes on working toward your life’s goals.

The First Thing People Usually Notice About Me: My eyes, no, my mouth? No, my hair! I’m not sure… how would you answer this?

The One Thing I Could Never Go Without: My magic 8 ball

Favorite Things:  Google Pet Peeves:  When people ask me questions

  • Ethical
  • Reliable
  • Idealistic
  • Honest
  • Detail-Oriented

  • Judgmental
  • Worrier
  • Anxious
  • Overly Serious
  • Obsessive-Compulsive

  • I am comfortable with obstacles thrown my way.
  • I get excited to discover the solutions.
  • I am courageous, make decisions easily and love to make a strong choice, knowing I can change it if it’s not the right one.
  • I wake up motivated with clear thinking.
  • I know I have everything in me that I need to live a happy, prosperous life.

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